Alan Moore

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I’ve been a fan of the writer Alan Moore before I knew his name, when he was writing uncredited back-up strips for Doctor Who Weekly. In 2013, my biography of Moore, Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life of Alan Moore (Aurum Press) was published. This was marked by a launch event at the Prince Charles Cinema in the West End of London, where I got to interview Moore (video here).

Before that, I’d written The Pocket Essential Alan Moore (Oldcastle). The first edition was published in 2002, a slightly longer and updated version followed in 2008.

I’ve written a number of articles about Moore, there’s a list and links here.

I interviewed Moore for Magic Words, but not all that material ended up in the book. That interview is here.

I’ve also used this blog to talk about writing Magic Words, and discuss various aspects of Alan Moore’s work. (links here).




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