Authors are often asked which of their books would be the best place to start. Of course, the author is generally a terrible judge of that … but for me, my favourite is almost certainly the Alan Moore biography, Magic Words. That’s one where the many strands of my writing career come together, biography, science fiction, some pretty hefty research and the narrative history of a genre as a whole.

For Doctor Who … well, the increasingly insane Ahistory provides surprising details that even the hardest of the hardcore will appreciate. If you’re a fan of the new series, I’m proud of my tenth Doctor novel The Eyeless. I think, on balance, my favourite ‘classic’ Doctor Who novel, at least to recommend to a relatively casual reader, is Father Time.

I’ve a soft spot for Warlords of Utopia, a science fiction novel about every parallel universe where Rome never fell going to war with every parallel universe where Hitler won. The book is nominally part of the Faction Paradox universe, but if you don’t know the series, no prior knowledge is necessary. Dive in and have fun; who doesn’t wonder about utopian warmongering?

I’ve had about thirty books published – the exact number varies depending on how you count new editions, and how you count a book that was co-written. That breaks down pretty evenly between fiction and non-fiction. For fans of long and unwieldy lists, there’s a year-by-year timeline of everything here. For the rest, see the recent releases on the ‘Out Now‘ page, and my blog for news about upcoming projects.

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