Doctor Who


I’ve written a lot of Doctor Who related things. Let’s see …

Three novels for the New and Missing Adventures range: Just War, Cold Fusion (both 1996), The Dying Days (1997).

Four novels for the BBC range: The Infinity Doctors (1998), Father Time (2000), Trading Futures (2002) and The Gallifrey Chronicles (2005).

One new series novel, The Eyeless (2008).

A version of my Doctor Who chronology has been around for over twenty years now. Starting out as a Seventh Door fanzine The Doctor Who Chronology (1994), it was expanded and revised as A History of the Universe (1996) for Virgin, and since 2003 it’s found a home (and three editions) at Mad Norwegian as Ahistory. The Mad Norwegian versions are co-written with Lars Pearson. There is also Unhistory (2017), a timeline of stories outside the regular Doctor Who canon. These are large books:


Mad Norwegian also published a collection of my Doctor Who essays, Time Incorporated: Volume 1.

I’ve had various short stories published for Virgin, the BBC and Big Finish.

Just War and Cold Fusion have been adapted for audio by Big Finish (Just War was adapted by Jac Rayner, Cold Fusion by me). I’ve also written original plays for them: Primeval, Davros, I, Davros III: Corruption, and The Company of Friends: Benny’s Story.







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