Ahistory – Fourth Edition

This year will see the publication of the fourth edition of Ahistory, the unofficial, unauthorized, absurdly comprehensive timeline of the Doctor Who universe. It’s basically the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of this book, which mutated from a slim fanzine published by Seventh Door in 1994, to the Virgin edition A History of the Universe in 1996, to its current incarnation published by Mad Norwegian. Lars Pearson deservedly gets a co-writer billing, seeing as he does a vast amount of work for the book.

OK … this time round, the book’s a million words long, 1500 big pages with small writing, and that means it can no longer be published as a single volume. There will be three – the past, the present and the future. Their covers look like this:

An easy payment plan is available on Patreon.

Almost everything else you could ever want to know is covered by the MNP press release.

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